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Update from Sponsored rider Rachelle Wilson


Just touching base with you with an update for my sponsors....finally one that involves me riding and competing again! After what seemed to be a break lasting forever, I have finally made it back into the saddle and am out to compete again! 2015 saw me having shoulder surgery and being out of the saddle for a number of months. Due to this I spent much time developing new clinics and clients, was again nominated for Equestrian Victoria's Coach of The Year. I also wrote the Victorian Young Rider program for Equestrian Victoria, a program that has been backed by the PCAV and HRCAV and implemented by Equestrian Victoria. Upon returning to the saddle I have focused on returning my horses to peak fitness. We have also a new addition to the family, a beautiful filly, Valentina (Versace/Don Frederico).


Valentina joins our beautiful Negro filly from last year from the same dam. I now have two very exciting young horses joining my team for the future.


Over the past month I have taken my FEI horse, CJP Winchester, out to his first comps in 12mths! We are almost at peak fitness again, returning to competition at PSG/Inter 1 level again, focusing on gaining further strength and fitness for the Grand Prix. CJP Winchester has returned back to the competition arena competing at both Werribee and Boneo Park, placing 2nd in the Inter 1 tests and 4th in the PSG with very pleasing scores, qualifying to compete in the PSG Cup at Dressage and Jumping With The Stars in March. CJP Winchester will be soon making an Inter A/B start before heading into a Big Tour start. We are very pleased with his progress, strength and ability for the GP movements. I have attached a clip of our training of the tempi changes, they are not established but a very good start being that we only need 15 for the GP test!



I have also taken on the position as one of the Equestrian Victoria State Eventing Squad Dressage coaches. We had our first squad weekend at Werribee last weekend which was a great success.


Looking ahead..... the plan for the remainder of February will be to further develop CJP Winchester in preparation for DJWTS and then on to an Inter A or B start shortly after. SPH Donner Cara will also make her debut into the dressage ring. Another exciting aspect to look forward to this year is my return trip to Germany to again train with Hubertus Schmidt for a month to focus on further consolidating the GP movements. I am very privileged to have this opportunity again. It is 10yrs this year that Hubertus has been my mentor, guiding and assisting me in my development as a rider.


A very successful start to the year is setting the tone for a fantastic 2016 ahead! Again, a big thank you for your continued support and guidance.


Kind regards,


Welcome to Hi Form

Hi Form Australia is an independent, wholly Australian owned family business, founded in 1990 by Equine Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist Antoinette Foster. Since 1990 Hi Form has continued to produce the most exceptional, highly effective natural products available today, always moving with the times using continual advancements in science and natural medicine. No compromises, no shortcuts, using only oral grade ingredients (for human consumption) comprising organic herb extracts, amino acids, vitamins, mineral tissue salts and trace elements.

Hi Form produces true natural therapy formulas for your most favourite equine. We are horse owners too and it is a privilege and an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility of assisting horse owners all over the world. For FREE nutrition advice please contact us on 1300 443 676

The Value of Natural Therapies

It seems that medical research now has technology and understanding in their possession to fully appreciate the value of natural therapies. In actual fact many natural therapies have been improved or altered through scientific research paving the way for the medicine of the future. There is no doubt that there is a great appreciation of the healing power of nature Natural therapy is targeted either at the health of the horse, illness and/or healing. It must have an effect that promotes the health and wellness of the horse. There are variations to how and in which way an approach is made to the treatment and management of certain conditions in horses. Natural therapy is slow acting, is quite simple and generally quite inexpensive in comparison to conventional treatment. It is slow acting because it relies on the body’s own healing abilities. Natural therapy is generally the first choice made due to its safety, simple way of treating and a high level of results.

Equine diets that are in balanced are generally always corrected first prior to recommending a treatment or management programme. It is important to ensure that the horse’s diet is well balanced and suitable for each individual. Once the diet is brought back into balance all natural therapy treatments generally achieve a higher success rate. The type of combination natural therapy that Hi Form uses is based on mineral tissue salts, organic herb extracts, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, with each formula working synergistically. Hi Form formulas are very powerful and highly effective and extremely safe to use.





Hi Form is now a licenced user of the Australian Made Logo, we are very proud of this recognition.


Big Equine Day Out

Hi Form is excited to present our first ever Holistic event featuring health and training presentations from some of Australia's most loved professionals.  This event is taking place on the official Horse's birthday, Saturday, August 1st at Parkview Riding Centre, Wonga Park.  For more information and a full list of who is participating, please click here




*** NEWS FLASH ***
Hi Form are thrilled and humbled to announce to you all our newest Sponsored rider - Pete Comiskey!! We welcome Pete who has been a regular user of Hi Form products on his competition team for the past 18 months with great success. For those of you not in the Campdrafting community, Pete has won all of the most prestigious Campdraft events in Australia (some multiple times) and has won the ACA Open Rider Title an incredible 20 times!! We are so happy to have Pete, Bryony, his wonderful family and his amazing team of horses as part of the Hi Form family and can't wait to see what this partnership brings.


Thank you to all our wonderful customers who continue to support our products and services.

Once again we have been exceeding all our expectations with sales and the amazing results we have been seeing with so many horses is incredibly rewarding. Every day is a new day for all of us at Hi Form and every day is exciting. We love what we do!!! If you require any further advice or information on the any of the Hi Form products please do not hesitate to contact us enq@hiform.com.au

Don't forget to check out the Johnsons Natural Formula feeds at your local store this Australian first feed is 100% natural and is a high roughage based feed, just what all horses should be eating. There is a feed in the range to suit every horse www.naturalformula.com.au

Thorwood Swan Song

This beautiful boy is owned by Sheryl and Denis Ferry of Highland Park Show Horses he is prepared exclusivley on Hi Form and wow look at this boy's coat!!! Thanks for sharing with us Sheryl



We welcome our Agronomist Steve Dickson 

Steve lives in Bannockburn and has an advanced diploma of applied science in Farm Management. He has been an Agronomist for 15 years

Steve operates Crop Plus Agronomy which was formed in 2007 advising a group of farmers on cereal and pasture production in SW Vic

In the summer months he prepares standardbred yearlings for the APG Melbourne yearling sales. He is available for consultations and works closely with the Hi Form team to ensure pasture management is a huge part of your horse’s health and well being. Read Steve's first article on our Research and Nutrtion link under articles

Email cropplus@bigpond.com


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