Equine Genomic Wellness Questionnaire
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Equine Genomic Wellness Questionnaire

Equine Genomic Wellness Questionnaire cost $35

A complete approach to the health and healing of your horse. You will receive a detailed assessment of your horse by our qualified Equine Nutritionists. Advice on horse nutrition in general, herbs in horses, managing nervous horses, increasing weight gain in horses, advice and management of Arthritis in horses, the correct use of vitamin and mineral formulas and general advice on what type of horse feed will suit your horse.

Equine Nutrition and horse nutrition software programs

Horses are individuals just like us, their DNA is unique to each animal, therefore it is only logical to presume that each horse requires an individual approach to ensure correct nutrition.

Feed software programs simply do not take into consideration the biochemical individuality (genetic makeup) of each horse. Very often horse owners are being advised incorrectly as these software programs basically have a one size fits all approach.

Hi Form has never used software programs for obvious reasons. If you have 3 horses, a quarter horse, a warmblood and a thoroughbred, immediately you have remarkable differences between them. If each horse is in full work, a software program is very likely going to recommend the same amount of feed for each horse, because a software program cannot have individualised knowledge of each horse. Software programs are also based on RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) not ROA’s (recommended optimal allowances) which means what each individual requires.

  • Taking into consideration the biochemical uniqueness of your horse.
  • Providing a total nutritional support system for your horse.
  • A trouble-free and economical feeding regime.
  • Using treatments recommended and approved by vets, naturopaths and nutritionists.
  • FREE ongoing support for the life of your horse.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete as each profile is prepared to suit your horses’ individual requirements.

Please note: these treatment recommendations have not been provided to replace veterinary advice, should you be concerned about your horses health at anytime please contact your vet.

The Questionnaire is divided into 2 parts.
After purchasing, you will receive a link to complete your questionnaire.

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