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Sponsored Riders

Hi Form is enormously proud to have these riders in our sponsored rider program

There are some highly successful Australian and International equestrian competitors within our Level 1 rider group. Why not take some time to meet our wonderful representatives...

Steffen Peters - International Dressage


Steffen's Rider Profile

Name: Steffen Peters
Hometown: San Diego CA

Place of Birth: Germany
Birthday: 18/9/1964
Main Discipline: Dressage
Favorite Place: Home

Describe your average day: Start riding at 6.30am gym at noon fly my RC Gliders in the afternoon

What do you do on your day off? Fly my RC gliders, or hang out at the pool with my wife!

Your Horses

Sponsored Horses: Legolas 92 and Rosamunde

Best thing about your horses: Rideability and Personality

2015 Plans: Qualify for 2015 Games in Rio

Shannon Peters - International Dressage


Shannon's Rider Profile

Name: Shannon Peters
Hometown: San Diego CA

Place of Birth: Michigan USA
Birthday: 111/12/1967
Main Discipline: Dressage
Favorite Place: Home

What's on your IPod/IPhone: Classic Rock 80's, New Age, New Stuff

Describe your average day: Start riding at 6.30am, gym, ride my bike or play tennis

What do you do on your day off? hang out by the pool with my husband! or go for a bike ride

Your Horses

Sponsored Horses: Disco Inferno, Flor De Selva, Weltinos Magic

Best thing about your horses: They are all very different in character, but all have very big personalities!

2015 Plans: Bringing Disco Inferno into the FEI arena, continuing to train my other two GP horses to their potential

Ultimate Goals:We always let our horses tell us!

Your Favourite Hi Form Product and why: ProflamAid Plus, one of my GP horses had suffered from chronic inflamation his whole life, and in a short time of being on the ProflamAid Plus he is like a different horse!

Jay Charnock - Campdrafting


Jay Charnock and Hi Form's relationship began in very different circumstances to our other riders. A chance connection over a horse that Jay has in his stable (Condor Bar Gold who is sired by Nicci's stallion Megabyte) brought Jay to the attention of Hi Form and we were thrilled when it came together. Jay Charnock is not only doing very well in Campdrafting with his stallion Effex Larkham, he is also an Equine Dentist, trainer and instructor who has competed in Polocrosse, Mounted Games, Stock Horse showing and more. Jay was also a member of the All Star Showcase at the 2010 Equitana in Melbourne.

Jay's Rider Profile

Name: Jay Charnock
Hometown: Bulahdelah NSW
Age: 32

Main Discipline: Campdrafting, with a bit of Australian Stock Horse showing in there
How many horses do you have? It Fluctuates between 15 to 30
Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? It’s a tough question because I really enjoy riding a few of them! But I would have to say my stallion Effex Larkham, him and I have a great relationship and have so since the day I bought him and started training him. He is eight this year and we have had a bit of success over the years, but now we are both really hitting our straps together, and know each other inside out and can read each others moves before they happen.

Which horse is most challenging and why? The other horse I love riding is my 4yr old, Condor Bar Gold. I would say he is the most challenging because he has a great work ethic! Training him from a two yr old has been a lot of fun and had some trying times too, mainly because he is a horse that always wants to please, and when you are trying to teach him something new he tries to get it right first go, and if he doesn’t he actually gets upset with himself, then you have to get his mind back on track, slow everything down and try again, then, usually it happens and he never forgets it!

Tell us about your average day: My average day consists of getting up and out to feed horses, and bringing to ones I want into the work pen, then I spend the day going through each horse and working on whatever that horse needs or is up to in their program, eg. Breaking in, or different levels of training etc. At the end of the day its, rugging up, feeding up and cleaning up. Also being a horse dentist, a couple of days a week I am away working doing horses teeth all over the place, so I have a worker at home keeping things rolling.

What keeps you motivated? What keeps me motivated is the love of horses and trying to give them the best start possible! I like to train more than compete, because training a range of different horses and breeds is more challenging than competing, I think, and I like being able to get in their minds and read and learn about them. But, in saying that, I do love when my horses are in great form and competing on them, so there is always the motivation to do better! I come home from a weekend away competing and identify what I need to work on that week to make my horses better for the next weekend. I just love the challenge of it all!

What is the most used item in your tack room? My saddle, and my spurs. Brett Parbury has a saying about spurs, “better to have spurs and not need them, then need them, and not have them”

And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? I like the overall range that HI FORM is supplying, and use a few different things, but as a campdrafter I think that Proflamaid and Proflamaid Plus are very beneficial to my horses! Campdraft horses go through a large amount of training and are out competing nearly every weekend when the season is on. In this sport theses horses are competing at a fast pace, plus stopping hard and turning themselves inside out to block cattle. They are putting a lot of pressure and strain on their joints. So as the owner/trainer I want my horses to be as healthy as possible, and in saying that I mean the overall horse, but especially for this sport if we can keep their joints healthy and rejuvenated, then we run less risk of having joint soreness and injuries.


Jodie Mckeone - Combined Driving


Name: Jodie Mckeone

Hometown: Kyneton, Victoria

Age: 42

Main Discipline: Combined Driving (CDE)

How many horses do you have? Stud of 100 + horses

Which horse do you enjoy driving the most and why? Shepherds Hill Larry is the most enjoyable. His trainability is amazing and he is personality plus. He is always a favorite at shows with his terrific character and stunning looks. His fan base is ever increasing.

Which horse is most challenging and why? Shepherds Hill Jasper challenges me every day with his quick trainable brain. He is a challenge in the fact he keeps me on the ball and thinking all time. He has taught me to be a better trainer and driver. He always makes me laugh at his paddock & feed bucket antics.

Tell us about your average day: The average day starts out by working the young horses first. Riding and driving. Then the competition horses are worked. Riding and/or driving. Their work can vary as to what fitness stage they are up too. Fitness is a vital part of CDE. The Short day: 2 days/week 4km road trot and then dressage and/or cones training. The Long day: 4 days/week 7km road trot, varying trot speeds from 6-16km/hr. 1km walk from 4.5-6km/hr. When returning to stables we do some dressage and/or cones training.

What keeps you motivated? My passion for horses and carriage driving keeps me motivated.

What is the most used item in your tack room? Harness, bottle of water, carriage and whip (The whip is my legs. EG: inside leg, brush horse with whip on inside ribs)

And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? Electroplus! It is vital that my horses remain hydrated at all times for travel and competitions. From the time your horse leaves its yard to back in yard on Marathon day it would be out for just over 2 hours and in that time we cover approx: 20kms

Pam Neal with 'Assets & Cash' - Western Performance


Pam has been using the Hi Form range since 1994 with great success on her QH's, beginning with the TopLine on her late great stallion Chicks Impressive Charm. 'BJ' ended his halter career with some incredible honors including a Hall of Fame at the Australian Halter Showcase for winning Grand Champion Stallion in three successive years. But Pam came to our attention when she entered a competition in 2006 to win a year's sponsorship. After reading Pam's beautiful story and listening to her passion about the products, we made her ineligible for the competition by offering her a full sponsorship for her then competition horse, SVQ Memums Irrezippable. 'Spanna' didn't take long to impress, winning Hi Point 2yo in his first ever show, the 2007 Australian Halter Showcase. Hi Form now sponsor Pam's new stallion, the stunning Assests'n'Cash who has impressed us enormously in his first year with Pam. We look forward to following their success and 'Cash's foals' success for many years to come.

Pam's Rider Profile

Name: Pam Neal, Snake Valley Quarter Horses

Hometown: Snake Valley, Vic

Age: 54

Main Discipline: Western Pleasure

How many horses do you have? 10

Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? At the moment it would be one of my two year olds, SVQ My Only Asset or Grub (Assests N Cash x YLS Oppcee Daisy). Grub and I have a bond because he was the only survivor from our caterpillar plague so when he safely arrived, I found I had a very strong connection with him. Grub tries very hard for me at Trail, Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle.

Which horse is most challenging and why? I don't have a challenging horse in training at the moment. I did have one in a while back that just couldn't handle the training due to his sheer size at his age, he was a big horse as a two year old and the challenge was to find and nurture his cadence, which in the end happened.

Tell us about your average day: I usually get up at 7am, make my daughter lunch for school and breakfast, take her to the bus then I go straight over to the stables and begin my day training the horses which there are six of them in training at present. Then when that's done its get their feeds ready then house work, shopping or gardening.

What keeps you motivated? A talented two year old keeps me motivated - when I think I'm doing it tough I think of those men on my favourite show "Deadliest Catch" they motivate me.

What is the most used item in your tack room? My roughout saddle.

And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? I personally like them all and use them all, however I do love the GrowthFix. GrowthFix protects the young horses bones and muscles as they grow. It contains all the right ingredients to help them along. All it takes is a small spoon per day which makes it affordable enough for me to use on all my weanlings and up to the yearlings.

Visit Pam's website here: http://www.snakevalleyquarterhorses.com/

Bree Petrie - Showing


Bree Petrie first started using the Hi Form range over a decade ago but it wasn't until she began working closely with Nicci on a diet for her beautiful galloway Willowcroft Chance Encounter that the relationship grew to be the formidable team it is now. Just before the 2006 Royal Melbourne Show Hi Form offered Bree sponsorship for Willowcroft Chance Encounter and watched with delight as the pair collected Champion Galloway at that event. In 2007 the pair took out both the Barastoc and VASL Galloway of the Year. 'Squiggle' was sold by Bree in 2007 but the relationship between Bree, her husband Nick and Hi Form has grown stronger and stronger. Hi Form now sponsor Bree's full show team and Nicci tries to attend all Melbourne events to cheer Bree on. We look forward to watching Bree's success for many years to come and thank her and Nick for being such vocal supporters of our products. It fills us all with pride to watch Bree's grace, generosity and hard work bringing her such huge success.

Bree's Rider Profile

Name: Bree Petrie
Hometown: Tatura
Age: 34
Main Discipline: Showing
How many horses do you have: 5
Which horse do you enjoy riding and why: Rosedale Simone, she is a true show horse who really gets in the ring and does the job.
Which horse is the most challenging: I love the challenge of bringing on young horses, they all have different quirks and traits and working them out is what I find challenging.
My Average day: During winter with all the horses turned out its just feeding, rugging and handling youngsters.
What keeps you motivated: Obviously big wins at major events keep me motivated to do it all again but I love finding and bringing on new prospects.

Most used item in my tack room: my lunge rein and saddle.
Favourite HIForm product: Equisoy, you get quick results and healthy shiny horses with top without heat.




David and Sandi Simons - Confidence and Performance Horsemanship


A partnership that is now in it's 10th year, Hi Form is very proud to have a strong association with David and Sandi Simons. Not only are David and Sandi brilliant advocates of the Hi Form range with their demonstration horses always looking a million dollars but Antoinette has a hands on role in Sandi's Confidence Camps, talking about Nutrition and Health with the ladies. David's talents speak for themselves and he has recently made a transition to competitive reining, picking up wins at his first two events. David and Sandi are brilliant horse people with simple, straight forward techniques for horse owners of any level. Hi Form looks forward to another 10 years and beyond with this wonderful couple and thank them for their hard work and excellent representation of the Hi Form range.

David's Rider Profile

Name: David Simons
Hometown: Drysdale Victoria
Age: 46

Main Discipline: Performance Horsemanship
How many horses do you have? 8
Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? I have 3 young competition horses that I am bringing along at the moment and they all have great qualities that excite me.
Which horse is most challenging and why? All the behavioral horses that come to our stables are the most challenging as they need strong guidance to help them overcome their behavioral issues through training.
Tell us about your average day: My day starts early working through all the horses that I have in training, lessons and talking with clients, most weekends are filled with clinics, competitions and time with my family.
What keeps you motivated? My wife and My Family.
What is the most used item in your tack room? My Saddle.
And finally, what is your favorite Hi Form product and why? Equisoy - This is a great product to keeping weight on the horses especially when they get super fit for competition.

Sandi's Rider Profile

Name: Sandi Simons
Hometown: Drysdale Victoria
Age: 48
Main Discipline: Confidence Building Horsemanship
How many horses do you have? 8
Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? Cassidy My 18hh Percheron Cross Mare because the rewards of all my hard work is deeply satisfying when she performs effortlessly out in public.
Which horse is most challenging and why? Cassidy as she is a very hypersensitive horse and has shown me how solid my training needs to be.
Tell us about your average day: I wish I had an average day however between running a household, business and all my clinics I gotta say that no day seems to be the same.
What keeps you motivated? My Husband and all the women that I train with.
What is the most used item in your tack room? My Helmet.
And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? Herbanerve - It makes a huge difference to all my horses and they way they cope when they travel due to all the different environments they come across in our travels

Julia Stewart - Dressage


Julia Stewart is an up and coming young dressage rider. Residing on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula.

After finishing year 12 at Korowa Anglican Girls School, in Melbourne, she completed a degree in Primary Education at Monash University, however, her love of horses was too strong, and she decided to pursue a career in the Equine Industry.
Julia has always enjoyed a lifelong association with horses due to her family’s involvement in the horse industry. Julia attended Main Ridge Pony Club where she participated in as many disciplines as possible, including eventing, showing and showjumping before focusing on dressage.
Julia was a member of the Victorian Young Rider Dressage Squad for 6 years, and a member of the Victorian ‘A’ Squad for 4 of those years.
Her current partner is the 9 year old gelding Ashton Farm Rivoli (Rafter), by the imported Swedish Grand Prix stallion Rasputin. Rafter is her absolute dream partner, after a 3 year partnership, they have recently broken into the FEI ranks. With championships from Novice through to Advanced, we hope her success continues.

Julia's Rider Profile

Name: Julia Stewart
Hometown: Red Hill South, VIC
Age: 26

Main Discipline: Dressage
How many horses do you have? 3
Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? My Beautiful Rafter who gives me 100% every single day and has never given me a bad ride. He is a pleasure to do everything with and a joy in every aspect. He’s the complete package; a serious competitor with the sweetest disposition.

Which horse is most challenging and why? Mintie. Out little 11 hand dynamo has caused more issues than horses 3 times the size. The pony bought to be a baby sitter now rules the stables, feed time and who get’s worked when! Just don’t let him know he’s not 17 hands!

Tell us about your average day: My time is split into 2. I work part time for JT Johnson’s, a feed company in based in South Australia. Those days are work days only, but for the rest of the week my day consists of feeding, mucking out the stables and riding the horses before giving lessons in the afternoons.

What keeps you motivated? Definitely the horses. They are all individuals. Seeing each one develop as they mature and progress up the grades keeps you very motivated.

What is the most used item in your tack room? My saddle!

And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? I love all of Hi Form’s products, but especially ProflamAid Plus and Perform Plus. Since being on Hi Form products, Rafter has never grown a winter coat and I constantly get asked what I use to have him looking as sleek as a seal all year round!


Rachelle Wilson - Dressage


Rachelle's Rider Profile

Name: Rachelle Wilson
Hometown: Nar Nar Goon North, Vic
Age: 38

Main Discipline: Dressage
How many horses do you have? 4: CJP Winchester (William – Whisper/Flemmingh gelding), CJP Magnitude (Mags – Magritte/Donnerheist gelding), Sorrento (Simba – Sir Donnerhall/Bellissimo M colt), Jazdan Park Quartet (Jagger – Quarterback/JP Landers Dream colt)

Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? CJP Winchester (William) - he is my best friend! We get along really well and enjoy working together.

Which horse is most challenging and why? I am lucky that all of my boys are really great to work with. They have very trainable attitudes and really enjoy their work and handling so it is always a pleasure.

Tell us about your average day: My usual day starts with either training one horse in the morning before work or heading to work, then out to coach then home to train. I seem to be able to juggle classroom teaching, coaching, training and competing my own horses quite well!!

What keeps you motivated? Setting my own personal long term and short term goals and working hard to achieve them regardless of obstacles.

What is the most used item in your tack room? My top boots! They are used in competition and to train every day! Rain, mud, dust, sweat…..and they still scrub up fine for a comp!

And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? My favourite product would have to be Perform Plus. My horses look great on it, their coats are gleaming and their skin beautiful and healthy. This was especially obvious after they were clipped recently. I was asked if William was boxed every night during Winter as his coat was so shiny and beautiful…..no, he is out in the paddock 24/7 unless he is at a competition! Thank you Perform Plus!

Katja Weimann


Katja's Rider Profile

Name: Katja Weimann
Hometown: Dewhurst
Age: 30

Main Discipline: Eventing
How many horses do you have? 14

Which horse do you enjoy riding the most and why? BP Flamboyant- because he is willing, bold, talented and just allround a lovely horse to ride.

Which horse is most challenging and why? BP Escapade- he has an abundance of talent but can get very anxious at competitions.

Tell us about your average day: Average day is riding and teaching. Generally I try and get all the horses worked before lessons in the afternoon. 

What keeps you motivated? I am motivated by bringing young horses up through the grades and competing at a high level.



What is the most used item in your tack room? My Antares jumping saddle, it fits all the horses and I love riding in it.

And finally, what is your favourite Hi Form product and why? My favorite product would have to be Proflam Aid Plus, having eventers who have such a big workload their soundness is very important and with Proflam Aid Plus I can be confident that they are being looked after.


Emilfy Ruffo



Name: Emilfy Ruffo

Hometown: Tasmania

Age: 22

Main Discipline: Eventing and showjumping

Describe an average day: For the last 3 years I have attended university 3 hours travel from home. I have just recently graduated and have not established a routine yet.

Sponsored horses: My Jethro, My Danny Dazzler, My Lopez and BS Dexter.

What is the best thing about your horses?: Even theough they are performance horses, they are genuine all-rounders- my stallion gives "pony rides"to all my friends.

2016 plans: To secure a job after graduation to support the horse dreams.

Ultimate goals: Continue Blackwood Studs aim of breeding versatile and athletic horses for all aspects of competition. Get back to the mainland to compete and compete at the Melbourne 3DE.

Your favorite Hi Form product and why: Proflammaid Plus!! We dont have the need to use any additional soundness medication and the horses have performed the best they ever have with their heavier workload.

Website: www.facebook.com/BlackwoodStud/

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