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Hi Form is principally run by mother and daughter team Antoinette and Nicci Foster and below you can meet their own horses, the inspirations behind their work every day.

Even with our own horses management is absolutely of the highest importance, providing the correct horse feed, herbs for our horses or pain management for our horses is something that we know a great deal about, so our horses are fed a very natural diet of JT Johnson natural formulas, hays and naturally Hi Form supplements, simple, cost effective and highly effective.

Leadburn Rotstein


Stable Name: Rotsi
Breed: Warmblood
Sire: Rotspon
Dam: Fourwinds Marianne
Height: 15.3 ¾ hh
Age: 12
Career Highlights: Rotsi has competed successfully up to and including Medium dressage and is training advanced/PSG movements, Antoinette describes him as a little pocket rocket when he gets going, as he is a little on the lazy side. He was a breeding stallion until 2009 when he was gelded and his progeny show the same wonderful temperament.
Diet: Rotsi is on reasonable pasture and is fed a morning hard feed of 1kg Johnsons Alfalfa, 750g Johnsons Old Timer and 1kg of Johnsons Velocity 2, plus at night Johnsons Compressed cereal hay. He is given 25g of ProflamAidPlus, 10g BioEquus, 20g of CompletaVite daily with a Detox and LivaAid cleanse every 6-8 weeks.
Why do I feed this way?: Rotsi is working up to 5 sessions per week and this diet is supporting him really well and as the work steps up he may require more Velocity 2.
Future Plans: Antoinette plans to take Rotsi out in Dressage in January 2014



Stable Name: Mega
Breed: Quarter Horse x Australian Stock Horse
Sire: CD Rom
Dam: Kings Golden Era
Height: 15.3hh
Age: 11
Career Highlights: 2006 Qld Reining Futurity Champion, 2006 NRHA Nationals Finalist Open Futurity, 2007 Top Ten Open Derby Reining Australia Nationals; 2006 3rd Rocky Rush Campdraft; numerous placings in campdrafting and reining.
Diet: Mega has a large paddock with a good natural mix of native grasses, medic and clover. This paddock has pick all year round, and right now is providing a lot of nutritional support. He gets a hard feed at night which includes 500g of Oaten/Lucerne Combo chaff, 500g Johnson’s Alfalfa Plus, 500g Whole Oats, 20g CompletaVite and 20g ProflamAid Plus. I am just about to add 20g TopLine to the diet now he is coming in to breeding season.
Why do I feed this way?: Mega has just started light work, building up to a competition in December and then working towards a big State show in March. He needs a good level of energy and protein without getting overweight which is hard with a good keeping Quarter Horse with a good, grassy paddock. I use the ProflamAid for muscle and joint health and the TopLine to assist with muscle condition and health.
Future Plans: Mega has been on an extended holiday which, sadly for him is coming to an end. He will be used in a few demonstrations at an Expo in December, and then we will work towards the Victorian Reining State Show in March. We also plan on competing in Western Dressage, Ranch Horse and HRCAV shows.

Tri Star Smart Freckle


Stable Name: Bruce
Breed: Quarter Horse
Sire: Winderadeen Short n Smart
Dam: Extra Freckles
Height: 14.2hh
Age: 7
Career Highlights: None to date. Bruce has been used in clinics by those people needing a calm horse to work the flag and as a turn back horse.
Future Plans: Bruce is my first cutting horse and I am going to learn how to work around cattle on him. He is not as fast as Mega and a good horse to learn on. I plan on campdrafting and reining with him in 2014.

Nicci also owns Bluegum Peak (TB mare), Champagne Hail (ASH mare), Moorooluck Tab (ASH mare), Emily Grace (TB mare), Mega’s Fair Play (QHxTB colt), Norman (TB gelding), Marbet the Viking (Shetland), Bluegum Park Miss Ella (Mini Pony) and Midgell (Mini Pony).

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