Dear valued Hi Form customer,


As you would probably be aware, we have worked with Johnson's Feeds to supply them with our formulas and Antoinette was the original formulator of all the feeds. We have really enjoyed our relationship with Johnson's over the years, however we have decided that it is time to part ways as Johnson's are moving in a different direction to us and we have always believed in providing you the horse owner with the best possible nutrition and health advice.

We are very excited to announce that in partnership with Moulamein Grain Services (trading as Northern Valley Stockfeeds) we have developed the Harrys Choice range of horse feeds! The name behind the brand is local Swan Hill jockey Harry Coffey, Harry has battled cystic fibrosis since being diagnosed as a baby, his determination to become a successful jockey has not wavered. Harry Coffey has now ridden over 330 winners, in the words of Neil Kearney 'A story that transcends racing, a young man with a terminal illness who refuses to be beaten. ''His doctors never wanted him to be a jockey but now they cheer every ride.”

A percentage of every sale of the Harrys Choice range of feeds is being donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Federation Australia in the hopes that somehow it will contribute to finding a cure for this disease. In

Bringing years of knowledge and professionalism together as one, Moulamein Grain Services t/a Northern Valley Stock Feeds and Hi Form Australia Pty Ltd producing world class feeds and formulas, when only the best is the only option.

Moulamein Grain Co-operative LTD (MGC) was formed in August 2001 as a storage and handling business. MGC today are shareholders and managers of another 7-grain storage and handling businesses and the group consist of more than 180 farmer shareholders with annual average production of 500,000T. The group is the largest independent storage and handling business in the east coast of Australia. MGC are also shareholders in a container packing export facility which exports grain in containers to most South East Asian Countries. In 2016 MGC strategically purchased Northern Valley Stockfeeds as a direct value adding business to our grain handling enterprise. MGC are also involved in the development of two oaten food products for the human consumption market. In 2017 the Northern Valley Stockfeeds Mill gained organic certification.


From the paddock to the feed shed, Harrys Choice is a unique, high quality feed formulated using the latest cutting-edge research and ingredient technology available. Hi Form have joined forces with Northern Valley Stockfeeds to produce the best viable feed options for the ongoing health and well-being of your horse in their Organic Certified Mill. Harrys Choice contains a high roughage content which is exceptionally important for the horse’s gut health and longevity. You can be guaranteed there are NO by-products, not molasses and no nasties. Harrys Choice and Hi Form Australia offer the horse owner the opportunity to meet their horse’s daily requirements in exact measures. This is a unique concept that ONLY Harrys and Hi Form can offer, keeping it simple, natural and inexpensive and providing your horse precisely what he or she have evolved to eat!


We have been dealing with Northern Valley Stockfeeds since 2014 when they began producing our Next Generation Nutritional Pellet formulas. If you are familiar with this product it is of the highest standard and is part of the reasons why we began discussions with them earlier this year. To find out more about this beautiful, natural range of feeds, please contact us directly and we can forward full specifications on to you and let you know where you can purchase the feeds. We are also providing free equine nutrition profiles, so we can let you know which feeds would suit your horses. Please contact us at and we can send a free profile form for completion or simply jump onto our free profile age  The other alternative is to contact us via telephone on 1300HIFORM or our office on (03) 9775 6422. We look forward to assisting you with your horses. Don't forget to jump over and like the Harrys Choice FB page too