Human Health Hamper: to support the immune system, relieve stress, support the nervous system and the gut microbiome




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Vendor: ProSports Nutrition Pty Ltd

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Very often we forget about our own health and well-being and worry more about our horses. We have put together a fabulous range of hampers to support your immune system, relieve stress and support the gut microbiome. This is the first hamper in the range which includes:Normally $140.35 with the discount  $105

Immune support Herbs of Gold Olive Leaf extract 7500 $40.95 is a high-potency, vegetarian-friendly supplement that helps maintain healthy immune system function.

To relieve stress Magnesium Citrate 900  $28.95 Well absorbed organic magnesium  provides an organic form of magnesium to maintain healthy muscle contraction function and nervous system health.

Herbs of Gold Mind Ease 60 Tablets $40.50 Relieves mild anxiety Herbs of Gold Mind Ease contains KSM-66®, a clinically trialled* Ashwagandha extract to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety.

Support the Gut Microbiome  NutraOrganics Bone Broth range from $29.95 100g:

Bone Broth has been made for hundreds of years by our grandparents and their grandparents due to its traditional history as a health elixir. Often referred to as ‘chicken soup for the soul’, our broth contains naturally occurring nutrients such as B Vitamins and Zinc to support immune health. Leading busy lives can make it hard to find time to make broth from scratch. These Bone Broth powders are ready in seconds, as tasty and nutritious as homemade and easy to take on the go! The most beautiful flavors we have ever tried.