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Nutritional Support for Your Horses. 

Est 1990, we only use human grade ingredients and provide exceptional professional advice for your equine and canine partner.

Horses are our passion

There are three highly qualified practitioners on staff and all our staff own horses. We know the products because we use them and see the results as well as the benefits of listening and learning from the people who give us feedback.

Our range is complex, complete, balanced and economical but more importantly, you can feel confident when you buy a Hi Form formula that not only will it work but you can talk directly to to one of our experts five days a week if you have any questions. 


Give them the best start
Breedplus nutrition
We recommend Studhorse and BreedPlus along with BioEquus to promote optimal health in the mare and foal.
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next generation
nutritional pellets
The one supplement every horse needs. the Hi Form range is your best option for maximum support for your horse and pony
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Complete Health with Completavite
For optimal health on the inside that glows on the outside, choose
Completa Vite as your horses' daily supplement. For horses in light-
medium work who prefer human-grade ingredients.
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Tel: 1300 HI FORM (1300 44 3676)
Fax: 03 9775 5466
Email: enq@hiform.com.au



I use this product regularly. I had run out. I ordered it, and it was delivered in 2 days.

Georgie Boucher

Very happy with the way all 5 of my horses are looking being on this product. Very quick delivery as well. Thank you


Great communication, customer service, and fast postage. Plus a product that works!


Hi-Forms customer service is the best I have received for a VERY long time. All questions addressed quickly, and my order was received within a couple of days of placement. Thank you

Danielle P

Your products are amazing, especially Oxydanepellets, and Herbanerve which i use for travel and comps. My horses look amazing. Delivery is always within two days. I stay with HiForm as I know my horses are not getting second-class additives and fillers in their diet. Thank you

Jo Miller

Just over two years ago my beautiful warmblood gelding Coffee who is
by Fidertanz was diagnosed with asthma and required constant medication in the form of Flixotide. We used the Breathe formula however even with high doses we could not manage the asthma without medication. This interfered with his work program, there were days when he was unrideable and many competitions and clinics were cancelled, he was working towards advanced level. Coffee was the motivation for myself and one of
my other practitioners Karyn Campbell, who is a Naturopath and Equine Herbalist to formulate a new product specifically for asthma and COPD conditions. And so, the RespiraFix was born, Coffee has now been free from all drug medication for three months, not only has this formula kept the asthma under control but his lungs are stronger, and his work ability has improved dramatically. I have owned him for almost eight years purchasing him as a very green 6-year-old. My good friend and sponsored rider David Boyle has trained him for a number of years and he is just as excited as I am in fact the whole team at Hi Form. If you have a horse diagnosed with Asthma or other respiratory conditions please check this product out, I have to say the success of this product fills our hearts with pure joy.

Antoinette Foster