We have been asked to have a page specifically dedicated to questions and answers on Equine Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Genetics, common diseases etc.

Please feel free to send in your questions and if possible include a photo, but please allow 7-10 days for a response. Below is an idea of the type of questions we are being asked:

From Jenny in SA: My horse will not put weight on, I am feeding him about 4 kilograms of WeightLifer, 3 kgs of chaffs and about 2 cups of soaked Copra, he has been wormed and had his teeth done, he is an OTT and is 6 years old and 17hh. I feed him at least 4 biscuits of Lucerne hay per day and he has good pasture during the day and is boxed at night. I have tried a number of different feeds, but nothing has worked, I have owned him for 1 year

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your horses, in the mean time happy riding. We are pretty sure we can solve all your problems and provide you with exceptional advise, to not only achieve long term health and well being but also be very cost effective.

The Hi Form Team