Name: Antoinette Foster Dip. Nut. Position: Managing Director, Equine Nutritional Therapist, Medical Herbalist, Nutritional Therapy Genetics, Product Formulator: Year started at Hi Form: 1990

Favourite thing about your job: helping clients with their horses and the fact that I still love what I do! Hometown: Adelaide Home at the moment:Langwarrin Victoria Favourite childhood horse memory: riding my first pony How did you get involved with horses? My mum and dad used to ride and we would head up to Sheoak Hill riding school in Adelaide Do you have horses now? Yes If yes, how many and tell us a bit about them? I own one horse Coffee, he is a 6 year old warmblood by Fidertanz out of a Contango 11 mare. Who is your favourite horse as a kid? Mr Ed I think And now? Probably Coffee, he is simply divine I just have to learn to ride such big movement.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Listen to music, read, ride and soon swim, which I just love and have missed for years. I also love walking the dog What is your favourite movie? Intouchables I loved this movie it was simply wonderful What is your favourite book? I like a lot of books, mostly technical, but I also like books that are just plain trashy, nothing beats a trashy book if you just don’t want to think! Tell us something people might be surprised to know about you? I used to sing in a band, yeah I was okay at and still love a bit of a sing, I also used to play guitar.


Name: Vanessa Gillett 

Bachelor of Biological Science, Zoology and Genetics

Operations Manager, Sponsorship, Marketing started at Hi Form: Nov 2015

Favourite thing about your job: Helping our customers reach their goals by providing them with the best nutritional products and advice.

Hometown:Whittlesea Home at the moment: Garfield (the swamp!)

Favourite childhood horse memory: Not quite a horse, but sneaking down behind my primary school at lunctime to ride Dusty the donkey! How did you get involved with horses? I always had a love of horses but coming from a non-horsey family it took me until 12 years of age to convince my parents it was a good idea. Then we had move out of the suburbs in order to cater for Maple my pony!

Do you have horses now? Yes, 4: Dante- 8 year old Welsh Pony of Cob type who does a bit of HRCAV, dressage, navigation rides and jumping at shadows! Artemis- 4 year old Welsh Cob mare who has just started her saddle career. I have high hopes for this girl in the show ring but with her atitude I think she will be a great allrounder. Misty- 8 year old Friesian Warmblood mare. Technically my husbands horse but I do all the work! Currently on maternity leave. Pagan- 3 month old 7/8 Friesian Warmblood colt. Excels at sunbaking, canter pirouettes, slobbery kisses and basically looking cute.

Who is your favourite horse as a kid? Artex from The Neverending Story (yes, I still cry in that movie!) And now? Artemis (sorry Dante!)

What do you like to do in your spare time? Most of my time is spent maintaining our agistment property and looking after the horses that live there. I also love to travel and aim to add a new country to my travels every year.

What is your favourite movie? Any murder mystery, thriller or true story.

What is your favourite book? Too many to mention! But I do like books by Roald Dahl, Daphne Du Maurier, Jodi Picoult... Something people might be surprised to know about you: On the weekend I can be seen dressed as a fairy or a clown making balloon animals

Tamara Black B.Sc Veterinary BioSciences

Sales and Administration, Equine Consultant started at Hi Form: March 2017

People should contact you about: Sales, general enquiries, nutrition advice, or anything!


Tell us a bit about your own horses

Precious: The baby of the group at 6 years old Precious is just that- Precious! She is a dapple grey Australian Stock Horse who has successfully competed in showing and dressage and will soon show me the ropes in Stock Horse classes.

Prissy: Prissy is a grey Riding Pony who had a successful showing and pony club career in her younger days. She is now loving life in retirement, doing what she loves best- rolling in mud!

Pally: Saved from the horse sales at 18months old, ‘Pally’ the palomino Quarter horse was my first project horse who I broke in and trained.


Favourite horse memory At the age of 10 my Mum told me she had found a pony for me. Filled with excitement, we piled into the car with the float attached and began the 8 hour journey to meet 'Special'. Arriving at the small property I saw a small white pony and instantly fell in love. Special spent a wonderful 6 years with me taking me to Pony Club and shows, before she unfortunately passed away.


Something most people wouldn't know about you

I am a complete adrenaline junky! I love theme parks and roller coasters, go karting, I have shot an assault rifle in America, I've been bungee jumping in New Zealand and I'm yet to go diving with sharks!


What do you do on a day off?

If I'm not catching up with family/friends or riding Precious, you will find me tinkering around my farm!

Favourite thing about working for Hi Form? Having the opportunity to educate people and first hand see the amazing results clients achieve with their horses' diets.

Name: Erin Romanin

Job Title: Equine Nutrition Consultant and Sales: started at Hi Form March 2017

currently in final year of a degree in Nutritional Medicine

People should contact you about: Sales and information on products

Tell us a bit about your own horses:

Salsa: 9 year old Warmblood cross Irish Sports Horse. My first horse, I was lucky enough to find Salsa as a 2 year old, we have taught each other a lot over the years and have been involved in everything from endurance rides to competing in local dressage competitions and even trick training!


Cha Cha: 3 year old rescue pony. We rescued her from a sales yard and an abusive past and given her a loving forever home, where she is improving each day.


Favorite horse memory:
My favorite horse memory would be going on a spontaneous night ride and relying on my horses sense of direction to find our way home.


What do you do on a day off?

If I’m not busy studying I’m usually spending time with my horses or seeing friends.


Favourite thing about working for Hi Form:

My favourite thing about working for Hi Form is that I can combine my two biggest passions in life; that of nutritional medicine and animal health, and help clients give their animals the best foundations to health and well being.

Toni Marie Stepnell

Name: Toni Marie Stepnell: Warehouse assistant Year started at Hi Form: 2017

Name: Libby Gaynor

Job Title: Bookkeeper

Years at Hi Form: 1 & 1/2 yrs

People should contact you about: Accounts payable & receivable

Tell us a bit about your own horses: My partner and I have four horses. 2 Bay Thoroughbred Geldings an Overo Paint Gelding and a Quarter Horse Gelding. I enjoy recreational trail riding with my partner on the weekends.


Favourite horse related memory: When I was as a teenager living in Queensland, my friends and I would ride our horses along the beach on a hot day and then take them into the water for a cool off. It was so much fun.  I think the horses enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Something most people wouldn’t know about you: I am a singer and have had the privilege of working with some amazing musicians for the last 14 years.

What do you do on a day off? I enjoy going for a ride on the local peninsula trails with my partner, gardening, catching up with family and friends.


Favourite thing about working for Hi Form: The products are amazing and Antoinette is always ready to help me with professional advice when I need it. I have flexibility to work around my family and everyone is friendly and easy to get along with.