COVID-19 prevention policy page April 2020

Hygiene protocol for COVID 19 for warehouse, office & kitchen area

27th of March 2020

1.    Hand sanitiser has been placed in 3 locations, in the office, the reception and kitchen area   and the packing/dispatch and weighing area.
2.    Hand sanitiser is used before and after working at our staffs' respective areas.
3.    Staff are required to continually wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day for at least 20 seconds.
4.    Hand sanitiser is also used to wipe the desktops, keyboards computers and telephones before and after use, to provide a clean surface to work on.
5.    This applies to all computers and work areas being used.
6.    Hand sanitiser  is used to wipe down the bench areas and scales. All scoops used are washed in soap and water between use.
7.    The kitchen table, the sink area, microwave and fridge are wiped down each morning and afternoon before staff leave.
8.    All trolleys, walkie stacker, handles and any other surfaces that staff may have come in contact with are wiped down.
9.    All door handles, the main lock of the warehouse and the staff toilet  area are wiped down.
10.    Hand sanitizer  is also located at the pick-up and delivery areas with a written request to use at all times prior to handling any stock.
11.    Hi Form has only one staff member in attendance on each day of the week so please be patient.
12.    We have an answering service in place, they will take your message, it is then forwarded to us immediately and we will return your call as soon as possible.
13.    All pickups have an allocated time for collection to ensure there is no more than one person at any given time at the pickup point.
14.    All deliveries to our warehouse have an allocated location for parcels with contact-less signing so no staff member needs to be in attendance.
15.    We also have in place contact-less payments, there is no requirement for you to use your card physically, you can also pay via EFT if this is easier.
Thank you so much for supporting Hi Form Australia in these difficult times