A very young Antoinette in an article from 1993 pictured with her daughter Nicci's first QH, Cutter Star or Dylan.

By 1990 through study in Horse Nutrition, Herbal Medicine incorporating the use of Herbs in Horses, research, assistance from colleagues and horse owners, Antoinette had developed a range of products and formed Hi Form Australia PL. At first business was mainly from friends of friends, people willing to give these new products a go and the word spread quickly that these Hi Form products really did offer to the consumer what they promised. The ProflamAid - then known as Hi Form P - was a particular favourite and Antoinette still gets goosebumps to this day reading back on those first testimonials.

Antoinette Foster was born in Adelaide and was introduced to horses by her late father Mervyn Jeanes. He founded Tundabara Quarter Horse Stud in the beautiful rolling hills of Lobethal, South Australia and stood a son of the legendary Chickeramic named Geronimo. Antoinette's love of horses began there and has grown through the years. Her beloved horse 'Leroy' passed away in January 2008. Leroy was 1999 AQHA Hi Point Appendix Halter Horse of the year by Struttin His Stuff and her aim was to compete at Medium/Advanced level Dressage that year and get 'Leroy' his Register Of Merit in Dressage.In December 2015 Antoinette Purchased the beautiful Fidertanz/Belcam Calandra gelding Coffee he is divine and they already bonded well and training towards Elementary. Coffee is located on the property where Hi Form is based and Antoinette and her partner Daniel also live, preparation for the pair to get out and compete  is now definitely on the cards.

Rotsi and Antoinette at Hagen Park

Antoinette in 2002 with her late friends Jed and Leroy.

Nutrition and horses were originally two separate passions of Antoinette's, after completing a diploma in nutrition in human health, Antoinette became very serious about Equine health and nutrition. It all began when Antoinette continued to have problems with coat condition, immune and overall health with her horses, she decided to look in to nutrition for her equine companions. In 1987 Antoinette decided to expand her knowledge and complete a diploma in Equine Nutritional Therapy which was a USA based course, she has also completed courses in herbal medicine and other modalities to expand her knowledge and ability to assist horse owners.

In 1987, after working part time and raising her daughter Nicci, Antoinette decided to get serious about her main passions and went for a job interview with a company who produced vitamin supplements for horses. Six months in and she soon realized that what this company promised and what the products delivered were two separate things. After listening to her customers, she decided that she might just have what it took to produce what people really needed for their horses and so the seeds of Hi Form were planted. Antoinette's knowledge of Equine Nutrition and understanding of the equine body and what people needed from a supplement combined to begin the formulation of Hi Form's unique range of formulas; this included assisting with arthritis in horses, weight gain in horses, and natural pain management in horses and assisting with nervous horses.

Then to offer more to her clients in 1999 Antoinette completed further courses covering nutrition and disease and amino acid and mineral salt therapy. In 2001 she completed further studies in Equine Nutrition.

Hi Form's factory in 2003 at Pakenham, Victoria

In 2006 Hi Form was forced to begin contract manufacturing their entire range due to demand and moved offices from Pakenham to Mulgrave for easier access to the Melbourne CBD. In 2007 Hi Form moved to a custom building on a 50 acre equestrian centre in Keysborough, Hagen Park and for Antoinette the possibilities at this new location were a dream come true. The business has come a very long way in the 24 years of operation and has never faltered on the promise to deliver a quality product that really gets results. From those first 'Guinea Pig' horses including Antoinette's own horses, to the thousands of horses all over the world now benefiting from the range, Hi Form is a company you can trust.

Fiercely independent and proudly Australian, Hi Form stepped up a level in 2007 securing distribution through Saddleworld and then in 2012 with Eastern Distributors. Hi Form formulas are available at many independent stores also and advice is readily available for free from the Hi Form office. Hi Form has appointed long time friend and previous sponsored rider Liz James as their WA agent in April 2012, Liz has provided the most outstanding service to WA and now WA is snapping at the heels of other states with very strong sales. The on line store offers accessibility to the range and the new store is very easy to navigate through. Horses are our passion and all members of staff have horses. We know the products because we use them and see the results as well as the benefits of listening and learning from the people who give us feedback. Our range is complex, complete, balanced and economical but more importantly, you can feel confident when you buy a Hi Form formula that not only will it work but you can talk directly to the person who formulated the range five days a week if you have any questions. Antoinette spends most of her time these days writing diet advice for clients and released her first book ‘Eat Like A Horse’ in November 2010.

Antoinette outside the Mulgrave office in 2006 with the launch of the new labels

The team at Hi Form is hands on, energetic and eager to help. "We want every horse on one of our daily formulas because nine times out of ten, problems are nutritional. Nutrition is the key to life and unlocking the horses’ genetic potential.We don't offer a quick fix, we offer a way to maintain health and wellbeing that is economical, sustainable and visibly effective." says Nicci "We want people to learn the safest, most affordable and beneficial ways to feed their horse, whether or not they are an Olympian or just starting out."

Antoinette riding Leroy at Hagen Park where the offices (below) were located in leafy Keysborough, Victoria until August 2013 where Hi Form moved to their own premises in Langarrin Victoria after many years of happiness at Hagen Park, it was time for the next chapter.

Entrance to Langwarrin property

The Property in Langwarrin is beautiful, easily accessible but very private, the new warehouse is considerably larger than the previous one and a great deal has been built to accommodate the growth of the business. New offices have been built which has given us more space and also our own individual offices, so consults are very easy to do now.

There are purpose built yards for horses visiting for clinics or treatment and the arena is an all weather surface to allow for assessment of individual horses.

Not only does Hi Form produce the best natural formulas in the world now they are involved in the best natural feed. This is a dream come true for Antoinette and the Hi Form team, the company is now in a position to offer a complete nutritional program including supplements and feed.

Antoinette's beautiful new boy Coffee Fidertanz/Belcam Calandra 

Hi Form Arena Langwarrin

Coffee's box and Hi Form horse wash