October 2022

We were very fortune to discover HiForm at Equitana 2014 after a string of issues with a competition mare. This mare was competing 1.15/1.20 Show jumping and Eventing with myself as a junior rider, but each spring would be affected with detrimental foot abscesses as the competition season began, sidelining her for a long period of time annually. This was the beginning of our HiForm journey.

The HiForm range of naturally formulated supplements was a game change to the whole string of competition horses, broodmares, stallion, and young stock at the time. We are focused on feeding simple, cost effective, wholesome feeds that are suited to a range of disciplines and stud stock, ensuring each horse is receiving adequate nutritional support for their task at hand.

Over the prevailing years we have used HiForm daily whilst in competition, training, or spelling. We have used a variety of products depending on each individual need or life stage. This includes; Breathe, BreedPlus, Completavite, EquiSoy, HerbaNerve, Oxydane, ProflammAid Plus and TopLine.

Currently I could not live without ProflammAid Plus and Completavite – these simple products

ensure coat condition, immunity, skin conditions (such as sunburn and mud fever) and joint health are all maintained to exception levels. Our dogs also cannot go without and are on HiForm too! 

The HiForm products are simple and easy to use, and the results speak for themselves!




Emily R


October 2022

As a long time, user of Hi Form I won’t be without ProflammAid Plus and EquiGesic in my feed room. As well as keeping my older FEI horses feeling their best, it also helps with itches and other inflammatory conditions that affect all the horses. 

Additionally, with this terrible endless wet we’ve had this year I’ve been helping support their respiratory systems with Breath. It’s certainly helping keep the runny noses, coughs, and viruses at bay.

I wouldn’t be without Hi Form in my feed shed.

Kindest regards,

Anita Barton






October 2022

Soph is a show rider and young dressage rider. We have a small family run stables and stud in Mangrove Mountain.

Hiform came into our lives when we purchased the Hunter Hack, Illarak Donntrell.

He was in great condition, had a beautiful front and shiny, glossy coat all thanks to Hi form Completavite, Topline and Equisoy. To be honest i was afraid to change anything he was already on and once home I immediately contacted the Hi form Team for nutritional advice and changed all of our horses' supplements to Hi Form.

We have never looked back!

Hi form have always given us the best advice and guidance for our horses: broodmares, foals, youngsters, retirees and riding horses throughout their lives and changing environments. 

We love that the supplements are natural formulations, no fillers, backed by research and equine nutritional experts. The team are friendly and approachable, so keen to help find a solution and Hi form has a huge range, so we know there is an answer for every need. 

Young competition horses can be a challenge, translating the solid calm work at home out into the competition arena. Our young warmblood, Louie has benefitted no end from from his Hiform supplements, especially Herbanerve and Bioequus Synbiotic both of which have helped him stay focused in a competition environment. So important for us as a Mum and daughter combination!

Healthy happy horses equal great results, whether that be at home working in the arena or out in the competition field.

Thank you to Hiform for your support and guidance over the years, we are very humbled.♥️

Do yourselves a favour and check out the Hiform website www.hiform.com.au 





October 2022

My first experience with the Hi Form products was nearly 10 years ago when I was looking for a joint supplement for my 4-star eventer. I had tried so many different products and nothing seemed to make any difference to her. At the time I was working at the local Horseland store, and a few customers mentioned the Hi Form ProflamAid Plus to me, and how they use it and had seen amazing changes in their horses. So, I contacted the local WA rep for the brand, she dropped a tub off to me and the rest is history. I have been using the Hi Form products ever since. 

The changes I could see in the horse were amazing, she was much more free in her movement and more comfortable in her work. I only wish I had known about ProflamAid Plus sooner. I now feed it to all of my horses and am religious about starting my horses on it from the day they start any kind of work as prevention is definitely the key. It is also a very cost-effective product!! It has no fillers, and all of the ingredients are of the highest quality, so you have full confidence that every dollar you are spending is benefitting your horse. 

Tessa Sharman




October 2022

My journey with Hi Form

I was very fortunate when a friend introduced me to Antoinette and Hi Form in 2009. My horse Ashton Farm Rivoli (Rafter) was competing elementary/ medium but had been very difficult to feed. He had an allergy to the binding agent in both feeds and supplements. The allergy would cause him to get a build up of collagen under the skin and become extremely itchy. The only feed he was able to eat was chaff and oats.

Hi Form’s range of Natural Formula supplements was a game changer. Whilst still only being able to be fed chaff and oats at this point, the supplements made a huge change in his performance.

By the time the feed and supplements were available together, Rafter had a simplistic yet effective feeding system that fuelled him right the way through to Grand Prix.

Unfortunately Rafter suffered a near career ending injury in 2011 that vets were not certain he would regain his competition career. We were very grateful that Antoinette threw everything she could at his recovery, and he returned to the competition arena 9 months later, and commenced his many successful years as a Grand Prix champion. 

Over the years Hi Form have supported all my horses whilst competing or training, and we are extremely grateful for all their support and assistance. 

I’m now a full-time dressage coach on the Mornington Peninsula, with most of my clients using Hi Form’s range of products. 

I feel my various horses have all benefited from different products depending on their individual idiosyncrasies. Rafter couldn’t be without his ProflamAid Plus and Oxydane, whereas Cricket requires Bio Equus, ProflamAid Plus and Oxydane daily. 

I’m very fortunate to have another horse training Grand Prix horse and I feel comfortable knowing he is supported in oxidative stress, joint and muscle prevention as well as gut health. Having a healthy horse on the inside makes it that much easier for them to perform for us in the dressage arena. 

We are so excited that the new feed is around the corner, as the feeds and supplements work seamlessly together.

Thank you Hi Form for 13 years. I can’t wait to see what heights you reach in the next 13.

Julia Stewart




October 2022

Hi Form

My horse's range in age from 3 days old to 23 years old and each one's nutritional needs are very individual. Hi Form feeds and supplements have been the basis of my horse's diet since 1996 when I first approached Antoinette for nutritional advice in relation to intermittent lameness in my very first warmblood after a serious paddock injury put his dressage career in doubt. Proflamaid plus and Equigesic were prescribed allowing us to continue for many more years than I thought possible.

ProflamAid plus and Equigesic became a central part of my competition horse's management, and they are my go-to products for all of my horses when inflammation is present.

In terms of general day to day nutrition, my retired horses all thrive on Hi Form Completavite, broodmares and young horses on Breed Plus & Growth Fix and my riding horses on Oxydane & AlphaFlax. I love the simplicity whilst also having piece of mind that my horses' nutritional needs are being met.

Natalie Lewis-Grofski




October 2022

I required Oxydane to aid my horses in recovery after long rides in preparation for show season. My horses all love their electrolytes in summer, Belle has been performing great at shows in summer using the electrolytes as it encourages her to drink more water, keeping her hydrated and energised.  The electrolytes I give to my horses in the morning help to keep them hydrated, which obviously benefits their health and their riding stamina, helping me to train myself and them adequately to be prepared for shows. It’s convenient because I do not have to worry about if my horses are thirsty, I have peace of mind that they are happy during the warm days and at shows. I have been using this product since January 2021.  This product has been extremely successful in my stables, and it will be a staple piece in summer. 

Can’t wait to see everyone out at shows this season, good luck everyone!! Gen :) Belle and Bonnie give love to everyone! 

Genevieve Visiage




October 2022

Vinnie is my 13.3hh Welsh Section D dressage pony. 

He’s currently competing medium/advanced and training PSG dressage. 

Like any pony, managing his weight and fitness versus his energy requirements is always tricky. 

I need him full of energy to be able to train canter pirouettes and flying changes. But not fat! That’s bad for his joints and he has threatened to founder before.  This is the direct opposite of most people trying to get weight ON horses. 

The high level tests require strength, fitness and energy. He would always have the energy to do one test but run out of puff during the second one. 

I could only do 10 minute warm ups at most, which leaves me vulnerable on the day if he needed more for spookiness or training issues. But long warm

Ups and training sessions would tire him out. I was kind of crossing everything and going into a test hoping for the best. Not the ideal situation at this level at all. Finding a balance between weight and energy was tricky. 

Vanessa from HiForm recommended a combination of Alphaflax, Proflamaid Plus in the nutritional pelleted form and Oxydane to support his nutritional needs without having to give him “feeds”. We all know cob ponies don’t need more feed! So, a handful before a test, and then in between tests is all that’s required! 

The first time we tried this combination he actually scored higher in the second test for the first time ever! He came down the centre line in the second test with energy! That day he won the medium championship. 

I’m in love with the results. 

My family and I have been feeding a variety of horses from eventers to pony club to FEI dressage horses that have travelled interstate for national level competitions for over 13 years now and every time I need them Hi Form have always been simply the best at providing me with each individual horse's needs. 

I am a young rider who suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for most of her youth and Antionette and the team also took great care recommending supplements that would help me personally. 

I am forever grateful for the assistance and knowledge that I can rely on to bring out the best in myself and my horses. 

Grace Lawes

Grace Lawes Dressage 

Waterford Park Performance horses. 



October 2022

''I only the best is good enough for our horses! I have used PROFLAMAID PLUS every day the last 3 years to keep Heartys muscles and joints fit for fight. By giving PROFLAMAID PLUS you can feel a clear difference in the training - your horse feels comfortable and ready for the task every day.'' 

BR Rikke



 October 2022

HiForm Detox:


 I have found the HiForm Detox a massive success recently. As the spring grass broke through this year he was covered in horrible and pussy welts all over his body. He was super itchy, and all this was a result of the increased sugars in the grass. We gave him HiForm Detox once a day for seven days, but we noticed a difference the next morning after his first scoop. Almost all the welts had gone down and he was not itchy at all.




I have used Topline since 2017 on my young horses to help develop their muscles in conjunction with my correct training. I have always found it helped a lot with the development of their Topline however this year with my young one I really noticed the effect of the product.


In May 2022 I broke my femur. As a result, all my horses were out of work for at least 3 months. As soon as I realised I could lounge my horses with my crutches I bought my young horse back into work. At the time, he was still looking very immature, so I started adding Topline into his HiForm diet. Quickly I noticed how much more muscle he was developing and soon enough he looked like a big dressage warmblood. I will admit, he was in work, but he was only being led down the road, long reined or lounged and I do not believe the muscle development would have been possible from just those small amounts of exercise that I was able to do with him.


Absolutely love the products.

Tash Moody





 October 2022

We required Breathe because one of our horses easy gets a dry cough. We think by adding Breathe to this horse daily feed is making a huge difference. We have been using Breathe for almost 12 months and are very happy with the result. Breathe has helped us keeping this specific horse healthy without a cough at shows and to be able to perform at its best.  We have required Top Line as a supplement for horses needing to build more muscle and top line. TopLine has helped our horses in getting stronger thorough their bodies. We have been using TopLine for about a year and a half with different horses. We have horses that have been fed TopLine winning and performing on the highest level in Australia.


Best regards

Lever Equestrian,

Phil and Frida