Hi Form  has been the best thing to happen to my horses. The way the supplements and feed work synergistically is outstanding. Not only do my horses look good, their energy levels can be perfected individually.

Having dressage horses ranging from my young horses all the way to Grand Prix, feeding time could be very complicated. The simplicity of these feeds and Hi Form’s supplements ensure each horse’s diet is individually formulated, without the feed room being full of unnecessary products! The other added bonus is having the ability to speak to Antoinette who has formulated both the supplements and complete range of feed. Knowing that I can go directly to the source offers me peace of mind that the products offered more than deliver their promises!

Julia Stewart, 2013

Dear Antoinette,

As you know we have been long term users of Hi Form products going back some 15 years. We have had times where we have tried other brands, but always found ourselves coming back to Hi Form, a testimonial to how great these products have been with our numerous dressage horses over the years. Of particular note are some success stories we have had in the last 12 months with Hi Form .

Our first and most notable story is that of Torlea Magnum McOhl, or Magnum to his mates. Magnum is a 25 year old Warmblood retired FEI dressage horse and throughout his dressage career he suffered with Navicular which finally ended his riding career. He has always been a difficult horse to feed as he has the constitution of a pony! Getting the right balance so he could do the FEI work required, whilst keeping his weight right has always been a struggle. (Having a pony constitution has also made him susceptible to protein issues such as founder and laminitis.)

Last year we almost lost him to toxic laminitis. Through a combination of corrective barefoot trimming, Hi Form Proflam Aid Plus, Hi Form Perform Plus, LivaAid,we managed to save him. Since returning to good health we have continue to feed him the Johnsons Old Timer with the Hi Form Perform Plus and LivaAid. The other day we ran out of LivaAid and within a week, his legs swelled again, an issue he has suffered with throughout his life. Within 2 days of him being back on the LivaAid his legs have returned to normal.

We have also recently moved my young Warmblood dressage horse (Everton Weltstar) onto Johnsons and Hi Form combination. When purchasing him 12 months ago, we kept him on another premix brand used by his previous owner. We were not happy with his weight, or his muscle development. Since moving him onto the Hi Form Perform Plus his muscle development and weight are fantastic. He has also changed his eating habits. He was always very frenetic about his feed and would gulp it down.

Our success with your products has encouraged two of our agistees to move to your brand with the results already starting to show. Both agistees have thoroughbreds that are difficult to feed, one is very susceptible to laminitis, the other very highly strung and struggles to put on weight.

Kind regards,

Louise Just and Heather Redman 


Hi Antoinette,

It is with much pleasure and gratitude that I write this testimonial for HiForm supplements.

I have been using these products for the past 6 months and must say that my horses have never looked better, their coats are amazing, and their health is amazing and their energy and performance levels better than they have ever been.

How can I thank you enough for your personal attention to all of my boys’ dietary requirements, your continual support and genuine compassion in their well being.

I spread the word to all I know in hope that as many people can see what a wonderful transformation feeding the correct diets to our equine friends can do. My horses all have the most wonderful shine to their coats, dapples and are certainly enjoying life and loving their work.

I won’t be swayed to use anything other than Hi Form supplements in the future and look forward to getting my young colt home and start him on the path of these feeds also – watch this space.

With much gratitude and appreciation

Dawn Swales-Villani


I have been using Hi Form products for many years and love them. My current horse, a 13yo ,16.1hh, clydie X gelding is used for trail riding and I like to compete in showjumping and combined training. He has had a few health issues mainly a calcium deficiency and headshaking and was deciding that all the supplements in his feed was making it inedible. He looks and feels great and his headshaking has improved. He's also does not need to be fed as much to maintain his condition.

I highly recommend the Hi Form range.


Jakki Barton


A Wonderful Story about Hi Form and EPSM, this gives EPSM sufferer’s great hope

I am writing to say a huge and enormous Thank You to Antoinette and Hi Form as I have FINALLY been able to help my lovely Clydesdale gelding, Kokoda, after him having been suffering with EPSM related issues for nearly 2 years.

Koda had all the symptoms of EPSM, the tying up, the soreness, the stomping of his hind legs, the affected gait, the inability to work for very long but worst of all – he was completely miserable and unhappy!

After finding out about EPSM (and then Googling it endlessly for weeks,) I immediately changed his feeding regime and I tried everything I could think of. I spent small fortunes on different supplements and premixed feeds and I spent ages eliminating different bits of feed here and there however we had very little improvement over the 2 years.

At this point I no longer enjoyed doing very much with the horses and had pretty much lost all my enthusiasm as it truly felt hopeless – I had this big, beautiful horse who was totally grumpy and miserable and we could do nothing. BUT I then remembered that he was on Hiform Growthfix when I got him as a 2 year old so I decided to ring Antoinette and see what she said.

After a very long conversation, Antoinette gave me a plan to work with to start getting Koda better. We put him on Proflammaid +, Detox, Liva Aid, Completavite and BioEquus, which initially sounded like a lot but Koda’s system was really in dire straits. Antoinette had said it would take at least 5-8 weeks to really notice a difference, so to see a change so early, I was over the moon!

Every week since then, he has been getting better and better and he is a different horse. He is happy, keen, and loves going out for rides and we have done our first clinic together and have even popped over a couple of jumps! He absolutely loves his feed, Horse and pony, and literally tries to gobble it up as its being poured into his bucket! He is on the most brilliant simple diet and then his supplements (which we have now been able to reduce) and we are just so pleased.

So I can’t say enough Thank You’s to Antoinette and the Hiform team, I am so thankful for all your help, support, professionalism and your generosity of time and knowledge. You truly helped me fix what I thought was a no-fix situation and I hope this short account of my experience will help other EPSM horse owners see that there definitely is a light at the end of the EPSM tunnel!!

Kindest Regards,

Jenny and Kokoda the Clydesdale

Hi Nicci,

Just wanted to say thanks again, the book is great really enjoying it! Thought I'd show you a before pic of Murph, taken the day I found him, when he was still unable to get up. I looked at it for the first time in ages on Sunday, after Murph had been bucking around the paddock! He really is a different horse and I honestly can’t thank you and your mum enough!

Best Regards,


Australian Testimonials

I run a standardbred breeding operation in Bannockburn Vic just outside of Geelong.

We aim to sell yearlings at the annual APG sales.

Over the past I have tried different feeds and really struggled to get yearlings to look top notch at the sales, we achieved good results but felt we could do better.

I battled many different premixed feeds with frustrating results. Yearlings with swollen joints was a large problem, then I reverted to trying to mix my own feeds using a computer generated software program but ended up costing more to feed the horses as well as having many bags of different grains and other additives to get what the horse was supposed to have as a daily supplement, time consuming and painful.

In 2013 our mares failed to get in foal after many attempts. At this point enough was enough, I came to reading about Hiform and it’s products and was lucky enough to get hold of Antoinette and she worked out a program for both feeding the mares and foals as well as yearling preperation. What she said made a lot of sense, what was going wrong with the operation and ticked a lot of boxes to how we could improve.

Together with Hi form mineral products and Harrys Choice Feeds our mares have all conceived first try this year which is fantastic, also both mares and foals have never looked better, their coats are healthy and shiny and really I have never had to worry about what I am feeding the horses because I know they are getting a natural balanced feed, which is simple and is cheaper to feed.

I am certainly hooked on the products, the cost effectiveness and the advice.

Steve Dickson, Crop Plus

I first made contact with Antoinette Foster at Hi Form in February 2008 when I was getting confused with what feeds to feed my horses with all the horse feeds and supplements on the market that were promising miracles. I was also concerned that with different feed mixtures I could inadvertently be causing imbalances. I decided to contact Hi Form because I liked the idea of the more natural herbal supplements and Antoinette provided a service of recommending “recipes” for each individual horse according to its size, condition score, breed, workload etc. I followed her recommendations which was a mixture of oaten and lucerne chaff, whole oats, grass hay when necessary and some Hi Form supplements if required.

The mixing of feeds became so much easier, more economical and the horses all thrived. Mixing the horse feeds has never been so easy. Not needing to use chaffs and being able to mix and match the pellets according to workload and pasture condition with only needing to add grass hay for more fibre makes feeding both time and cost effective. I still add some Hi Form supplements when necessary but do not have to add as much, which also reduces cost.

I highly recommend the Harrys Choice range of feeds and Hi form products to anyone who wants optimum condition for their horse and suggest it is certainly worthwhile to contact Hi Form for advice on the best “recipe” for their horse.

Carol Amoretty, Co-owner and manager of Maloga Stud Pty. Ltd Equestrian Training and Agistment Centre

Have just placed an order for some more BreedPlus & EquiSoy for Hero.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to be a Hi-Form customer.

I have found your recommended diet of simple, natural feeds of chaff, lucerne/oaten hay, some oats plus the supplements, has not only been extremely economical, but has given me a very happy & healthy pony!
Everyone comments on his glossy coat and how long & thick his mane & tail have grown.
My barefoot trimmer says his hooves are in excellent health, strong & springy.

Thought you might like to see how well he looks as he approaches 18 months & is starting regular groundwork, in preparation for being started under saddle, this coming spring.

Cheers & thanks once more for your great products,

Moyna & Hero

Hi Form is not just another feed additive it is a privilege my hard working horses deserve. It is an essential requirement if I expect them to perform at their best’.

Amanda Howell Victoria 2000 Olympics

'My mare’s previous connections could not believe it was the same horse. I have since used Hi Form on a riding pony and I am having similar results’.

Helen Grantham South Australia

‘Not a show goes by without comment on my horses condition and coat. Thanks for helping me win Royal Champs and Barastoc New Comers etc. etc. etc

Judy, Jack & Max Ivory Merivale Park Vic.

‘It was the PerformPlus that gave ‘Olena’s Little Spin’ the strength to fight the Ross River Fever during his futurity year enabling him to win the 1995 National Reining Futurity. We keep him on a low maintaining dose all the time; hence his beautiful fine coat and overall fitness. I have continued using Hi Form for the last 15 years

Joan Conner Ellomeek Quarter Horse Stud Vic.

‘A six week old foal with extensive lacerations to the off hind cannon and fetlock, Antoinettes’ recommended treatment was used to successfully reduce the swelling and inflammation and the wound healed in four weeks’ Dr. Greg Rodda S.A.‘At Palmwoods Veterinary Services we have recommended many products in the Hi Form range and have been very encouraged with the results. We feel confident to use these products because of the very high quality of raw materials used, and the excellent therapeutic response seen in the right clinical situations. We are always very concerned about the side effects of many drugs when treating long term, inflammatory conditions.’

Dr Brett Stone B.V.Sc (hons), MRCVS Qld.

‘I have been delighted with the results since using Hi Form’s Proflam Aid + and PerformPlus. My FEI horse Rafter feels more elastic with his paces and I know I am helping to prolong his joins for the future. He has just returned to work after a 4 week spell, and I was thrilled to still find him laterally supple. It’s wonderful that my horse finds all the products extremely palatable, and always licks out his feeder. I feel privileged to be associated with a company such a high reputation and quality products, and thank them for their support.

Julia Stewart

‘I was naturally devastated when I heard the news from my vet that my star Grand Prix horse, Sachsenkonig, had suffered a suspensory injury and was likely to be out of work for 6 – 12 months. After speaking to Antoinette from Hi – Form Australia we immediately put him on her recommended treatment to help with the healing of the injury. I could not have been more ecstatic when, only two and a half months after diagnosis, I had the injury scanned and found it to be completely healed. Whilst we are a still a long way off a Grand Prix competition start to have this turn around so quickly gives me great optimism and I could not more highly recommend Hi-Form and Antoinette’s recommended treatments to anyone who has a horse with an injury’.

Fiona McNaught

Overseas Testimonials

I have used the recommended treatment from Antoinette at Hi Form in approximately twelve of my equine patients over the course of the last six months. I have found it particularly useful in the management of tendon and ligament sprains and in those horses with often difficult to pinpoint lumbosacral musculoskeletal problems. The product seems to be a very effective anti-inflammatory agent, bringing about a rapid improvement in the acute phase of injury. I have, as yet, little experience of the longer term healing but based on my experience to date I have high expectations. I have a number of clients who have found it very effective in the older horse with generalized degenerative joint disease. The patient has become much more mobile, generally more active and in many cases less reliant on equipalazone or devil’s claw products; often these can be withdrawn completely. The product seems to be very palatable and I have no experience of adverse side effects even at the higher, loading doses.

Robert L McNeil BVet Med MRCVS Armitage Veterinary Surgery, UK

’Jesse is a 14.2 hh piebald cob, he is now 15 years old and I have owned him for 10 years. In February 1993 Jesse was diagnosed as having a bone spavin in his offside hind leg. Treatment was to continue work but to give him bute. Whilst the spavin was fusing he damaged a tendon in 1994, it was decided to rest him til 1996. Over the last four years he has been lame on and off in this leg. In August 2001 I began using the recommended Hi Form product, within 2 days I saw an improvement, he came in from the field full of life and after only two weeks his movement and general well being seemed much improved, so much so that he competed in September at a dressage competition placing 1st, beating his trainer into 2nd place’.

Sue Davies United Kingdom

‘You must have a letter from the loveliest horse Antoinette, you will be so pleased when you hear what she has done, she is much better, it is fantastic. This weekend we took her out to her first competition in her life, the test for 4-year-old dressage horses. There were 70-75 horses and she got 10! I was so proud and happy. Jennifer is also very satisfied with Akcept, he is going to Zangersheide for the World Championships, and there is so much improvement, the coat everything. Thank you I wish I could give all my horses Hi Form’

Bettina Kirk Katrinelund Stud, Denmark

‘The improvement in Allie has been amazing, she has been on Hi Form for nearly 4 weeks now, and she has changed from often lame and inconsistent to Allie the Wonderhorse!! The oedema around the scar tissue on her fetlock injury has also disappeared, and there is no heat in that fetlock (the injury is four years old and nearly always is surrounded by oedema). The PerformPlus is working too! Her coat is shiny and her attitude very, very keen. She is now being worked 5-6 days per week, including hacking and lunging with no lameness. Many, many, many thanks.’

Katharine Haenelt, United Kingdom

Hi Form ProflamAid Plus and PerformPlus:
“Before starting to use Hi Form, Paddy definitely appeared and felt like an OLD horse, my best description would be it’s taken years off him and I certainly look forward to several more pleasurable years. In being introduced to the Hi Form range it’s made me re-evaluate feeding and what I can expect from him”.

Fiona Bavester-UK

"Nimbus is a happy, active and fit boy enjoying life-he may not win any medals but we don't care. Thank you Hi Form!"

Hillary Smith-UK

"I am very pleased with the effects Hi Form has given Shamrock, her general well being is much improved. She is much happier & enjoying her work again."

Angela Trawford-UK

"Brilliant- a natural product that works very effectively and seems to keep on working."

Trudie Grimmitt-UK

“The difference in Kelsey since being on Hi Form is amazing, she is now back to her forward going self".

Janet Perry-UK