Individualised Equine Nutrition Program- Acurately designed for each horse no matter what discipline




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Our new feed program enables us to achieve optimal accuracy. We are now able to personalise nutrition plans depending on your pasture, current diet, hay type and quality; enabling us to ensure every vitamin, mineral and nutrient is met as well as customising a diet plan to suit the individuality of your horse. Considering the uniqueness of your horse’s current and past health history, breed, height, weight, workload, etc. There is also a medical section, covering the most common conditions horses may be affected by. Take the guesswork out of feeding with our professional approach to natural nutrition. This price includes a years’ worth of consultation time with one of our qualified nutritionists for one horse. Supporting the horse’s long-term health and well-being with a balanced daily nutrient intake increases performance levels, improves temperament, skin and coat and supports the gut microbiome. Take advantage of this exceptional program today.

$24.50 for one horse/12 months subscription!