Next Generation Nutritional Pellets Oxydane

Next Generation Nutritional Pellets Oxydane




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Next Generation Oxydane

Plus Nutritional Pellets are 100% Natural, 100% science backed and contain No nasty additives, they are also economical to use and highly palatable.

Next Generation Oxydane™

Nutritional Pellets has extremely powerful antioxidant effects and assists with phase 1 and 2 detox. This formula assists in oxygenating the blood, aids the prevention of oxidative stress and boosts the level of carnosine in the muscles, resulting in a greater ability to buffer lactic acid during training. Oxidative stress is a major cause of cell death. This formula may reduce the risk of Super Oxide Radicals damage.  

Next Generation Oxydane™ Nutritional Pellets also helps to restore and maintain a healthy digestive system, a healthy balance of intestinal flora and the healthy barrier function of the gut’s mucosa. Aids digestive conditions, such as ulcers, colic and diarrhea.  Next Generation Oxydane Nutritional Pellets forms a part of your horses daily diet and is low in NSC and Starch. This product can be fed as a standalone feed particularly for overweight horses  


Dose rate: 200g daily  If fed with Harrys Choice dose will be 50-80G

Next Generation Pellets contain pure steamed and compressed Alfalfa, so not only does this provide your horse with the correct daily nutrient intake for the products intended purpose, these pellets form a valuable part of your horses diet every day. Alfalfa (lucerne) is known as the high-quality hay for horses, it is often the preferred forage for horses because of its outstanding quality, high digestibility, and good roughage value, and it is also low in NSC and starch. High quality alfalfa hay should be the foundation of a feeding program for young growing horses, breeding stock, recreational horses and performance horses.