Don’t get mineral tissue salts confused with crude minerals. Biochemical tissue salts, or cell salts, are mineral salts that exist in the cells and play a critical role in cellular metabolism. The salts are administered clinically in very small doses and are prepared in a way similar to homeopathic remedies. Hi Form Australia uses these mineral salts in most of their formulas, along with specific, organic herbs and herb extracts, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

Consequently, the cheapest minerals such, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate to name a few, is not recommended, an example such as Ferrous sulphate, is quite toxic to the liver when absorbed. It inhibits protein digestion, is mostly unabsorbed, and irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa even in small doses. Other commonly used salts are ferrous gluconate, ferric citrate, ferrous fumarate and other iron amino acid chelates.

The amino acid chelate forms appear to be the least toxic and are fairly well absorbed.

The mineral salt Iron phosphate is our choice of iron, which is a complex and consists of a complexed mixture of mainly ferrous phosphate, with ferric phosphate and ferrous oxide.

This Iron phosphate complex is well absorbed and tolerated. It is not only useful in iron-deficiency anaemia, but also has a clear anti-inflammatory action, reduces fever and local hyperaemia when given in small, frequently repeated doses. for more information please go to our Ask the Nutriitonist page and complete the form.