Hi Form is principally run by Antoinette Foster and is assisted by her fabulous staff and below you can meet their own horses, the inspirations behind their work every day.

Even with our own horses, management is absolutely of the highest importance, providing the correct horse feed, herbs for our horses or pain management for our horses is something that we know a great deal about, so our horses are fed a very natural diet of Hi Form Complete feeds, hays and naturally Hi Form supplements, simple, cost effective and highly effective.


Stable Name: Coffee
Breed: Warmblood
Sire: Fidertanz
Dam: Belcam Calandra
Height: 16.2 1/2 hh
Age: 7
Career Highlights: purchased as a green 6 yr old Coffee has competed in EA preliminary.
Diet: Coffee is on reasonable pasture and is fed a morning and night hard feed of 2.4kgs of Hi Form Complete FibrePlus, he has access to a round bale of hay 24/7. He is given 12.5g of ProflamAidPlus, 6g BioEquus, 10g of Oxydane and 15g of Breathe

Why do I feed this way?: Coffee is working 5 sessions per week and this diet is supporting him really well and as the work steps up he may require the inclusion of Oats.