Harrys Choice launch

Hi Form partners with MGC to bring you Harrys Choice world class feeds and formulas.

Moulamein Grain Services t/a Northern Valley Stock Feeds and Hi Form Australia Pty Ltd producing world class feeds and formulas, when only the best is the only option.

Moulamein Grain Co-operative LTD (MGC) was formed in August 2001 as a storage and handling business. MGC today are shareholders and managers of another 7 grain storage and handling businesses and the group consist of more than 180 farmer shareholders with annual average production of 500,000T. The group is the largest independent storage and handling business in the east coast of Australia. MGC are also shareholders in a container packing export facility which exports grain in containers to most South East Asian Countries.

In 2016 MGC strategically purchased Northern Valley Stockfeeds as a direct value adding business to our grain handling enterprise. MGC are also involved in the development of two oaten food products for the human consumption market. In 2017 the Northern Valley Stockfeeds Mill gained organic certification.

From the paddock to the feed shed, Harrys Choice is a unique, high quality feed formulated using the latest cutting-edge research and ingredient technology available. Hi Form Australia, one of Australia’s most advanced, successful and reliable equine supplement companies has joined forces with Northern Valley Stockfeeds to produce the best viable feed options for the ongoing health and well-being of your horse in their Organic Certified Mill. Harrys Choice contains a high roughage content which is exceptionally important for the horse’s gut health and longevity. Harrys Choice and Hi Form Australia offer the horse owner the opportunity to meet their horse’s daily requirements in exact measures.

Harrys Choice: the only Choice.


web: harryschoice.com.au

tel: 1300GOHARRYS

email: enq@harryschoice.com.au

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