CROP PLUS Agronomy Soil Testing

Extensive Soil Testing Now Available!

Bio: Hi Form’s Agronomist Steve Dickson

Steve is an Independent Agronomist who operates his own business Crop Plus Agronomy, advising farmers on growing crops and pasture production in SW Vic

Steve also breeds and races Standardbreds

In the summer months he prepares standardbred yearlings for the Australian Pacing Gold yearling sales.

Steve is available for consultations and works closely with the Hi Form team to ensure pasture management is a huge part of your horse’s health and wellbeing.

Also this year we can offer a soil testing service conducted by an independent laboratory with analysis on all your soil requirements.


Or phone 0447570779

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The Dirt on Soil Testing

Our Soil Testing is performed through an independent lab and full data and analysis will be supplied. Once you have decided to have the soil test you will be sent a plan of how to collect the sample and the procedure.

Soil testing is extremely important, followed by the pasture, the feed and supplements which all go together improve the longterm health and wellbeing of your horse

The Cost of test is $186.50 including gst

Please fill in the following form to receive instructions from Steve as to how to proceed.